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Need For Establishment Of Conservancy


Extreme weather events are known to have serious consequences for community livelihoods and the biodiversity and this weather pattern are predicted to increase in frequency and severity as a result of climate change. Wajir is one of the regions that risks being most seriously affected. The formation of Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy by the community was one of the goals adopted to mitigate against adverse weather conditions and as a livelihood safety net to cushion them from periodic losses of livestock to frequent droughts.
The Impacts include;-
• Loss of biodiversity including threatening of species
• Change in vegetation composition and structure
• Decrease in forest coverage
• Rapid deterioration in land cover and
• Depletion of water
Increased scarcity of water resources is a core concern, making resource management more difficult and increasing the likelihood of conflict. Water scarcity will affect energy production, and agricultural systems

The Influx of Refugees has exacerbated the effects of extreme weather conditions which has resulted in decline in natural resources around the refugee camp due to the pressure from the demand for firewood, which is the primary source of cooking fuel, water and the escalation of incidents of poaching for bush meat. This has led to the rapid exploitation of the existing woodlots, reduction in wildlife numbers and heightened tension with the host community. The above situation, notwithstanding made the community desire to mitigate environmental challenges by establishment of a wildlife conservancy that shall be a critical dispersal area for wildlife and act as a buffer zone for environmental regeneration.

The conservancy shall intimately bring in tourism revenues, jobs, markets for communities crafts, and greater developments for the host community through provision of social infrastructure like roads, water, healthcare services, improved telecommunication, education and security.

The conservancy shall put in place better governance of communal resources and shall improve gracing resources for improved livestock and livelihoods of the community at large.


Human Wildlife Conflict:- Long-term changes in climate exacerbate environmental degradation leading to loss of wildlife habitat in many vulnerable places which have altered the location and nature of the geographical environment forcing wildlife to migrate to new areas close to more densely populated areas by human fuelling human wildlife conflict. There have been rising incidences of hyenas attacking humans. This has been attributed to human encroachment of wildlife habitat in search of new settlements and grazing grounds.

Invasive and alien species Invasive species like Prosopis Juliflora which has invaded and disrupted vast tracts of land in the area which if not managed urgently, it will impact negatively on the environment and livelihood systems by taking over livestock and wildlife grazing fields.